This is the unofficial page of many voluntary contributors to Wikipedia, that is available in more than 287 languages with its sister websites like Wikidata, WikiSource, Wiktionary etc. This also serves as the website as @WeAreWikipedia‘s home page. @WeAreWikipedia is a rotational curation project that brings a new Wikipedian every week to curate the stories of Wikipedia, an encyclopedia that has abundance of content free from copyright that anyone can reuse, share and most importantly modify. Yes, you heard it right! Wikipedia articles are written by voluntary editors from the entire world and it serves world’s largest online encyclopedia and a great source of information.

This Location Curation project is inspired by the Twitter project @WeAreBangalore which is again inspired by @sweden, an official and state sanctioned campaign that bring citizens as as ambassadors to tell stories of Sweden to the world outside.

We are open to have any wikipedian onboard to curate the Twitter handle: @WeAreWikipedia. You need to tweet about interesting facts about Wikipedia, Wikipedians who keep Wikipedia updated by correcting mistakes and keeping it factually correct. Check this page for further details to apply as a curator.