To be a part of this campaign you need to go through the guidelines first. If you feel you are the one the world needs to curate about Wikipedia then please do apply.


  1. You will need to post at least 3-5 tweets a day, every day for a week. You also need to retweet others’ posts related to Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects related to collaborative WikiProjects, outreach (workshops, meetups, etc.), technical developments, new tools, bugs and stories of Wikipedians.
  2. Please do share your overall contribution to the Wikimedia movement in brief in the form below. Do provide links when needed.
  3. You must be active as a Twitter user already. If not, please try to be active and come back to us as a curator after some time.
  4. All the personal details except your display picture and bio that you provide in the form will be treated as private information and would not be shared publicly. The display picture is generally updated on Twitter and Facebook and the bio is also shared publicly.
  5. Twitter Settings/Display: You can change your profile picture, change the biography that describes you better, we suggest not to change the background, try to follow people who you think are helping the open knowledge movement, especially the  Wikimedia movement.
  6. We prefer English as language for the curation. But feel free to tweet in other languages as well. If you are tweeting in other languages, do take a little pain to translate those tweets in English in the following tweets.
  7. You should never promote any brand without the admin’s consent. But, you are free to promote any open source and open knowledge initiative outside e.g. Mozilla, Ubuntu, WordPress, etc.
  8. You should refrain from retweeting any tweets that appear like personal favor like #FF shoutout or asking any help which is not connected to Wikipedia.
  9.  Tweets which are not related to Wikipedia but are broadly about other open source initiatives are welcome, but please try to tweet mostly about Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects and news that are related to Wikimedia movement.
  10. None of your tweets, retweets or favorites should have hate speech, personal favor/opposition. We do support some sarcasm against proprietary software and brands. But please keep them to a manageable range and do not put us behind bars.
  11. If you are found indulged in any above mentioned activities or anything that is harmful to the open source movement and community or society and violates human/animal rights and disrespectful to any individual/organization the we would not be responsible for the harmful act caused by the curator. In such case, the admin can take a decision to take away the curator’s curatorship temporarily/permanently.

Check the available week before signing up:


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